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Weld Commissioners Pass Declaration of Opposition to Amendment 64 | News

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Weld Commissioners Pass Declaration of Opposition to Amendment 64
Weld Commissioners Pass Declaration of Opposition to Amendment 64


WELD COUNTY, CO – During this morning’s board meeting, the Weld County Board of Commissioners passed a declaration of opposition to Colorado Constitutional Amendment 64, which seeks to legalize the possession, consumption and recreational use of marijuana by individuals 21 years of age or older. The amendment will appear on November’s ballot.

The resolution cites numerous reasons for the Boards’ opposition including the amendment’s conflict with federal law, its curtailing of employer’s rights and, most importantly, its harmful effects at the expense of Colorado’s children.

“The most serious side-effect of this (Amendment 64) is its impact on our kids,” said Commissioner Chairman Sean Conway. “As it has been said numerous times, the use of marijuana, just like any other substance, has a detrimental effect on young people’s brains as they develop and that concerns me greatly.”

Commissioner Dave Long concurred with Conway’s comment stating, “I whole heartily endorse our resolution to oppose this. Having worked in mental health, I have seen the detrimental effects that marijuana has on individuals of all ages. It is considered a gateway drug, and it opens up the door for people to rationalize within their minds that it is okay to do this or to do other things that are going to be detrimental to their functioning, to their ability to work safely, and to their ability to relate to their family. I have had many sessions with groups and individuals about how they entered into their perceived escape world through the use of marijuana thinking it was just ‘recreational.’ Due to the numerous negative long-lasting effects from using marijuana, there is nothing ‘recreational’ about it.”

Commissioner William Garcia addressed another ramification of Amendment 64 during the Board meeting: “One of the unintended consequences of this amendment is that it would not only allow marijuana to be used but also allow local jurisdictions to put in manufacturing, growing and sales facilities. And with this being a Colorado-only activity, what will happen, if this passes, is that we will be become the hub of drug trafficking in the United States,” said Garcia.

The Board publically thanked Weld County District Attorney Kenneth Buck for his leadership role in opposing the amendment. Weld County now joins numerous other government and public entities who have expressed opposition to Amendment 64.



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